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PRP/Stem Cell Injection

At our NYC foot clinic, our team of highly qualified foot doctors utilize advanced PRP/Stem Cell Injections to help repair your foot and ankle naturally. The Stem Cells will stimulate cellular proliferation, changing the environment in the foot/ankle from inflammatory to healing and regenerating, thereby resulting in pain relief and improved function. 


A technique used to help the body heal injuries by injecting cells that aid in the recovery process

How does it work?

These cells stimulate the body to produce more of the factors that are used in the healing process. These factors enable tissues to regenerate and repair themselves. It is similar to planting a seed in the ground versus planting a seed in fertilizer: your chances of having the seed grow are better with the proper nutrients, and it is the same with your body.

Treatment Options

Platelet rich plasma or stem cells

Treatment Option Description (with Duration)

PRP is a highly concentrated form your own blood platelets, which are spun in a centrifuge to get a platelet-rich sample. This is then re-injected into the body at the site of the injury or pain.

Stem cells are harvested from bone marrow or fat tissue instead of blood, and can be used to treat damage in cartilage, bone, and certain other types of skeletal tissue.

Expected Outcome

Improved healing

Quick and Natural Healing For Your Foot/Ankle Injury

If a foot or ankle injury is affecting your day-to-day life, our New York foot doctors can help! To find out more about how our PRP/Stem Cell injections can help promote quick and natural healing, contact our Midtown or Downtown NYC foot clinic at 917-398-3668 or book an appointment online.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Although these therapies are very different from each other, they treat similar issues of pain and injury. They are commonly used in tendonitis, tendon and ligament strains and tears, arthritis, and inflammation.

Answer: This is a minimally invasive treatment which means you don't need to have surgery since the cells are simply injected. This greatly reduces the risk of infection.

Answer: All insurance plans are different so checking your individual coverage will be necessary however most commercial insurances do not readily cover these advanced therapies at this time.


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