Drop Foot

If you're suffering from Drop Foot, our team of award-winning, highly specialized foot doctors can help you regain the function in your limbs. We offer a wide range of advanced treatment options, including Ankle-Foot Orthotics (AFO), nerve stimulation, physical therapy, and surgery, which can be customized to suit your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget.


Drop foot is a condition that causes difficulty picking up your feet as you walk. It can happen as a result of weakened muscles or from nerve injury. 


Inability to lift the front part of your foot. Your foot may also make a slapping sound as it hits the ground as you walk. The affected leg may also drag behind you as you walk. 

Treatment Options

Your podiatrist will first order advanced tests to figure out the cause of your drop foot. Once this has been figured out, first-line treatment usually consists of wearing an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) brace, nerve stimulation and/or physical therapy. In some cases, surgery may be required.

Treatment Options Description (with Duration)

The purpose an AFO is to hold the foot in a proper position and help aid in walking; it also helps to clear the foot above the ground when walking so the foot no longer drags. Nerve stimulation may be needed to improve the overall health of the affected nerve, which will then improve your symptoms. Physical therapy can also be prescribed to help strengthen weakened muscles so they can function better to make walking safer. In some cases, surgery may be needed for more permanent relief. 

Expected Outcome

Prognosis and outcomes vary according to the cause of the drop foot.

Restore Movement and Function To Your Foot Quickly 

At our New York City foot clinic, we understand just how difficult it can be to live with Drop Foot. If you're suffering from this condition, or any other foot/ankle pain, our foot doctors, located in Downtown and Midtown Manhattan areas of NYC, can help you get back to comfortable and happy living. To find out more, call us at 917-398-3668 or book an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are braces available that will fit inside athletic shoes. It is recommended that you avoid wearing flip flops and high heels with the brace.

This depends on the underlying cause of the drop foot. However, recovery is possible if the proper assistive devices are prescribed.

Surgery may be aimed at repairing the damaged nerve, fusion of foot and ankle joints, and/or transferring tendons from stronger muscles to improve walking.


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