Foot Fracture

If you have recently suffered a bad foot fracture, our team of award-winning and specialized New York City foot doctors can offer advanced diagnosis and treatment options, including a walking boot, crutches, or even surgery, depending on your specific injury, lifestyle, and budget. Whatever your unique needs, we will help ensure it heals properly, so you can regain better function in the affected area.


A break in one or more of the bones in the foot


Usually occurs after an injury. Pain, trouble or inability to walk, swelling, and bruising

Treatment Options

After xrays to confirm which bones are broken, the typical course of a simple break is to cast with crutches or place the foot in a walking boot depending on the extent of the break. If the bones are out of place you may need surgery.

Treatment Option Description (with Duration)

It takes 6-8 week for bone to heal typically. If surgery is not needed, you will either be casted or in a walking boot to all the bones to heal. If surgery is required, the bone will be fixed with screws or plates and then you will be casted or placed in a boot for 6-8 weeks.

Expected Outcome

With compliance with the treatment plan, the fracture should mend in 6-8 weeks and you will be able to return to normal activities after physical therapy.

Get Back To Doing The Things You Love Faster 

If you have recently suffered from a foot fracture or another foot/ankle injury, our New York foot doctors can help! Serving the Downtown and Midtown Manhattan areas of NYC, we help you get back to healthy and happy living. Call us at 917-398-3668 or book an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing, a fracture and a break can be used interchangeably. They do not denote severity or location.

Maintaining a healthy diet and refraining from smoking will help provide the bone with the best environment for healing but it take bone 6-8 weeks to heal. Trying to do activity on a broken bone prematurely can lead to longterm issues with structure and function.

If the bone is out of place, it will not be able to heal properly. Making sure that the bone is put into the proper alignment is what allows healing to take place. If the bone is already in place, it won't require surgery. If it is out of place surgery will be used to put it back in place.


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