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High-Arched Feet/Pes Cavus

High Arched Feet/Pes Cavus can be a challenging condition, but our highly specialized and awarding winning NYC team of foot doctors are able to provide state-of-the art conservative care for this condition, such as custom orthotics and shoe modifications. If your case is severe, we are also able to provide safe and effecitve surgical treatment to restore the comfort and balance to your foot. 


Pes Cavus is a condition in which the foot arch is higher than normal. People with high foot arches tend to put all of their weight under the ball and heel of the foot. Because of this increased pressure, pain and irritation in these areas can happen. While most people that have high arched feet are born with the condition, sometimes there can be an underlying neurological condition that can increase arch height. 


Pain in the heel and arch region (plantar fasciitis), pain under the ball of the foot (metatarsalgia), recurrent ankle sprains, and/or calluses under the ball of the foot

Treatment Options

Custom orthotics, shoe modifications, callus removal, and surgical treatment if all else fails.

Treatment Option Description (with Duration)

The goal of treatment is to provide excellent arch support and prevent the secondary symptoms listed above. Custom orthotics are very well-tolerated by people with high-arched feet. They help by equally distributing the weight at the bottom of the foot, which will then help to prevent symptoms such as pain and callus formation. If there are any calluses at the bottom of the foot, they can be shaved down to provide immediate pain relief. However, if the pressure from the area of the callus is not removed, the callus will likely come back. Long-term use of orthotics can also help to prevent this. Very rarely is surgery required for congenital high-arched feet. Surgery is aimed towards making the foot flatter and involves both bone and soft tissue work. These surgeries are very long and complicated and require you to be in a cast with crutches for 6-8 weeks. 

Expected Outcome

Most people with high arches generally do not experience any pain. However, some do. If you get pain and calluses secondary to high arches, these problems can be easily rectified by making a pair of custom orthotics that are contoured to your feet for long-term support.

Relieve Foot Arch Pain Quickly With Our Customized Treatments 

If you are experiencing pain from high-arched feet, or you're suffering from any other foot/ankle pain, our NYC doctors are happy to help! Serving the Downtown and Midtown Manhattan areas of NYC, we help you get back to healthy and happy living. Call us at 917-398-3668 or book an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: While it may not be possible to prevent high arches, you can definitely help prevent any pain that may arise due to the high arches. Speak with your podiatrist today about your options.
Answer: Treatment is only required if you are experiencing any pain or difficulty in your feet as a result of the high arches.
Answer: A visit to the podiatrist can be helpful for proper diagnosis. Your doctor will take your medical history and ask about your symptoms. A thorough foot examination will then follow.


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