Diabetic Foot

At To Healthy Feet Podiatry, we know how important diabetic wound care is. When it comes to Diabetic Foot treatment, the primary goal of our NYC foot doctors is to help our patients obtain healing as quickly as possible and lower any chances of infection. We offer a variety of treatment options depending on the severity of your case, including the use of topicals, skin grafting, or even surgical intervention and hospitalization if necessary.


This refers to a wound to the foot that is more common in diabetics. These wounds can get infected. Diabetics tend to get more wounds because the feeling in their feet is not very good and they often do not realize they are injured. Diabetics are also slow to heal so this make diabetic foot a major health concern.


A wound in the foot usually with drainage. The area around it can be red, hot and swollen if infected. 

Treatment Options

There are a variety of treatments depending on the severity of the wound. Some may be treated with topicals and skin grafting but infected, severe wounds often need surgical intervention and hospitalization. 

Treatment Option Description (with Duration)

Varies greatly between patients.

Expected Outcome

Wound healing

Get Back to Healthy Living 

If you have a diabetic foot wound, it's important to visit a foot doctor as soon as possible. At our midtown and downtown New York foot clinics, we offer rapid and advanced diabetic foot treatments to reduce your chance of infection and get you back to healthy and happy living. To find out more, call us at 917-398-3668 or book an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Check the bottom of your feet daily to ensure there are no wounds forming and get regularly checked by a podiatrist
Answer: We recommend daily foots checks and regularly seeing your podiatrist to prevent these infections. Severe infections can result in amputation and we never want to see anyone get to that point so please take care of your feet!
Answer: Eat healthy, watch your surgar intake, check your blood sugar regularly, and follow up with your endocrinologist.


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