If you're suffering from Gout, you may also experience inflammation of the joints, especially at the big toe. At our NYC foot clinic, the primary goals of our foot doctors when it comes to gout and inflammation, is to help relieve pain and prevent future attacks that could lead to permanent joint damage. Whatever your needs, we are able to create fully customizable treatment plans that suit your lifestyle and budget.


A type of arthritis caused by the build up of uric acid in the body, that causes inflammation of joints especially at the big toe.


Red, hot, swollen, painful toe joint. Sometimes small lumps can form on the skin in chronic cases of gout.

Treatment Options

There are medicines to control pain during a flare and to reduce uric acid build up between attacks. Additionally, diet modification can help.

Treatment Option Description (with Duration)

The faster your gout is treated the better you will feel. Most attacks last 3-10 days. You may be give steriods or NSAIDS to help with the pain during the attack. Your doctor will prescribe the right medication regimine for you. Additionally, avoid red meat, aspargus, and alcohol to help reduce attacks as consuming these can increase the uric acid in your body.

Expected Outcome

This is a chronic condition but with medications and diet modification it can be controlled to prolong the time between attacks.

Get Back to Healthy and Comfortable Living 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When food breaks down in your system it can release into a substance called uric acid. Uric acid is liquid in your blood stream but becomes solid when it cools. It typically cools when it gets down into the joints away from the center of the body, most noteably the big toe. When it becomes solid it forms crystals which is why you were told you have crystals in your joint.

Suseptibility to gout is often seen in families so it is not uncommon for members of the same family to develop it.

Long standing gout can often be seen via bony changes on Xray. The best test is examining the joint fluid from the painful joint but as the joint is often too painful for the fluid to be extracted, many times diagnosis is made based on the physical exam, Xrays, and lab results of uric acid levels in the blood.


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