Corns and Calluses

If you're suffering from corns or calluses, our team of award-winning NYC foot doctors can help restore the comfort to your foot. During a consultation, we can diagnose your condition and advise on footwear, shoe inserts, and padding, or even reduce the prominence of the thick skin to eliminate any pain and prevent recurrences.


Thickening of the skin in areas of repeated pressure.


Symptoms include thickened, hard patches of skin that feels like a bump and is sometimes painful.

Treatment Options

Medicated treatments to reduce the thick skin or manual reduction of the lesion by a doctor.

Treatment Option Description (with Duration)

A podiatrist can perform a debridement in the office. This will help to alleviate the pain. Custom-made orthotics are a great option to reduce callus formation as they adjust form during walking and the way feet absorb forces.

Expected Outcome

Calluses are caused by too much force on a single spot during walking. Unless pressure is reduced on that specific part of the foot, they will continue to come back. They can be successfully managed on a long-term basis and pose very little threat to your overall well-being unless you are diabetic or have other neuropathic conditions.

Get Rid of Your Corns and Calluses Quickly 

If you have corns or calluses, or you're suffering from any other foot/ankle pain, our NYC doctors are happy to help! Serving the Downtown and Midtown Manhattan areas of NYC, we help you get back to healthy and happy living. Call us at 917-398-3668 or book an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skin tissue thickens as a natural defense mechanism that strengthens the skin in areas of friction or excessive pressure.

Calluses are a flat area of thickened skin; corns have a thick knot of skin in the center. Hard corns generally develop on the top or sides of toes and soft corns in between toes.

No, they are totally non-cancerous but if you find a lump on your foot that you have never noticed before, you should always have it evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible.


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