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Our Patients Are The BEST! We strive to make all our patients feel welcome and comfortable at our Midtown and Downtown NYC offices while providing ultimate foot care and education through our experienced and award-winning foot doctors. Check out what some previous patients had to say about their experience at To Healthy Feet! 

Testimonial - Lara

Lara found our website and booked an appointment online. Our all-female team provided her with the treatment she needed at the office while providing guidance and answering all the questions she had. Thank you Lara for choosing To Healthy Feet Podiatry!

Testimonial - Sara

Sarah suffered from foot pain to the point where she could not walk. So she booked an appointment with Dr. Alani and received personalized treatment. Her feet quickly recovered, and she is SO excited to get back to doing the things she loves!

Testimonial - Masha Fomitchova

Masha was having a great deal of ankle pain and came to our clinic where we recommended a Tenex procedure to fix her Achilles Tendonitis. She's excited to be able to walk in heels and run again! Amazed by her recovery, she was back on her feet without pain within a couple of weeks and feeling much better.

Testimonial - Dominic

Dominic had a lot of foot pain in both feet and found Dr. Alani because she was one of the only doctors offering cryosurgery. Dominic underwent surgeries for each foot and was able to walk home afterwards and is now pain free and extremely happy with the results! Thank you, Dominic, for taking the time to provide your feedback! We really appreciate it!

Testimonial - Evette

Thank you Evette for taking the time to provide this testimonial for us! We greatly appreciate it! Evette came in with an Achilles tendon tear and underwent a repair to her Achilles Tendon and is feeling much better!


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