Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion cysts can sometimes cause pain, tingling, and muscle weakness. They may also hinder joint movement. If your Ganglion cyst is affecting the quality of your life, our highly specialized NYC foot doctors are able to recommend tailored treatment options to shrink the cyst and alleviate any undesirable symptoms, getting you back to healthy and happy living.


A ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled sac that forms on top of a joint, ligament or tendon. 


Visible lump, discomfort, pain, difficulty walking or wearing shoes.

Treatment Options

If the cyst is bothersome, it can either be drained in the office or removed surgically. 

Treatment Options Description (with Duration)

Depending on the size of the cyst and the severity of the symptoms, the cyst can be drained in the office. With this method of treatment, there is a high chance that the cyst will re-form. If the cyst keeps coming back, or if it keeps getting larger and more painful, surgery may be needed to remove it.

Expected Outcome

If surgery is required for the removal of the ganglion cyst, the surgery is performed in an outpatient setting, meaning you can go home after the surgery is over. Normal activity can be resumed after 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Live Happily and Comfortably Thanks to Our Ganglion Cyst Treatments

If you're suffering from the uncomfortable symptoms of a Ganglion Cyst, or you have another foot/ankle injury, our NYC foot doctors can get you back on your feet quickly! Serving the Downtown and Midtown Manhattan areas of NYC, we help you get back to healthy and happy living. Call us at 917-398-3668 or book an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Repeated friction over a joint or tendon can weaken their lining, causing a ganglion cyst to form. Sometimes, there can also be a bony outgrowth (bone spur), which can cause irritate joints and tendons and cause the cyst to form.

Your podiatrist will first inject numbing medication to the area before draining it; you won't feel a thing beyond the initial poke from the injection.

The majority of ganglion cysts are non-cancerous. If there is any suspicion, your podiatrist will order advanced tests for further evaluation.


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