5 Ways Telemedicine Can Help You Maintain Your Foot Health Through COVID-19

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During this uncertain time of COVID-19, our NYC foot doctors are using telemedicine to respond to the needs of our patients from the safety of their own homes. Here are some of the benefits of telemedicine, and how our foot doctors can keep you standing tall through this difficult situation.

During this critical moment in suppressing the spread of COVID-19, our NYC foot doctors are keeping the health and safety of our patients as a priority. Currently, our offices are closed but both our midtown and downtown locations are accepting phone and video calls for any foot or ankle concerns you may have.

During these virtual appointments, we can:

  • Discuss your health, any existing medical conditions you may have, and the symptoms affecting your feet.
  • Provide a diagnosis, if possible.
  • Give you treatment options, such as recommend stretches and exercises to help you manage your pain from the comfort of your home.
  • Give you prescription refills, including delivery with our on-demand pharmacist drop-off service.

Our NYC Foot Doctors Are Using Telemedicine To Help You Maintain Optimal Foot Health Through This Difficult Time

At To Healthy Feet, our NYC foot doctors are using telemedicine to provide you with virtual foot and ankle care through phone and video consultations. Whether you have an emergency, or you are thinking about getting the process started for a foot surgery, we can help you with all your foot and ankle needs.

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Benefits of Telemedicine: How We Can Help You Maintain Foot Health Through COVID-19

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 evolves, our NYC foot doctors are continuing to take the necessary steps to ensure all our patients and members in the community stay safe and healthy. Currently, our offices are closed, however we are accepting phone and video phone calls for any foot or ankle concerns you may have.

Some of the benefits of these virtual appointments include:

  1. It reduces trips to your foot doctor: Through telehealth services, you can receive the treatment you need over a quick video chat using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and avoid making an unnecessary visit to the clinic.
  1. You can address any issues immediately: With a virtual appointment, you can see your foot doctor as soon as any issue arises. This means you will receive prompt treatment and get on the road to recovery as soon as possible.
  1. You’ll save time: Having to go to an in-person appointment for even the smallest, most minor issue will eat up hours of valuable time. A telehealth appointment is typically very quick and requires no travel time or sitting in a waiting room.
  1. You won’t have to compromise on quality of care: Instead of choosing a foot doctor because the foot clinic is close by, or they have short wait times, you can receive care from highly trained doctors you trust, when you need it most, through telehealth.
  1. You’ll cut back on costs. For most people, making a trip to see a foot doctor requires paying for gas or transportation, taking time off work, or even securing child care. Telehealth eliminates these costs, as you can easily fit in an appointment at home or at work during a break.

What Problems Can Be Addressed During a Virtual Consultation?

There are many foot/ankle conditions and problems that can be addressed during an online consultation, such as:

  • Ingrown toenails
  • Deformities such as bunions, hammertoe, or flat feet
  • Wound management
  • Some gait abnormalities
  • Rehabilitation of injuries
  • Warts
  • Improved running technique

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To find out more about our telehealth services, and how our NYC foot doctors can help you manage any foot/ankle problems you may have during this uncertain time, contact us at 917-398-3668 or fill in our online contact form.


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