As Seen In Forbes: Female-Led, Minority Podiatrists In NYC

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As Seen In Forbes: Female-Led, Minority Podiatrists In NYC

To Healthy Feet Podiatry in NYC is breaking new ground as a female-led, minority-staffed medical practice, spotlighting the significant lack of diversity in healthcare. Founded by Dr. Farah Alani to combat pay disparity and unfair treatment in the industry, the practice has grown to multiple locations, emphasizing geographic and demographic inclusivity. It boasts a team of passionate physicians like Dr. Alison Bell, Dr. Roxann Clarke, and Dr. Nancy Artis, who were drawn to its commitment to representation and equality. Together, they provide empathetic, specialized care for foot and ankle issues, fostering an environment where gender does not dictate pay or opportunities. This pioneering practice is not just treating patients but also challenging the status quo in healthcare leadership and patient care.

In a healthcare landscape often critiqued for its uniformity, To Healthy Feet Podiatry in New York City emerges as a remarkable exception, demonstrating the powerful impact of female leadership and diversity within the medical field. Founded by Dr. Farah Alani, this practice is not only female-led but also entirely operated by a team of minority women, setting a new standard for inclusive healthcare.

Dr. Alani's initial motivation stemmed from her own experiences with inequity and unfair treatment in the workplace. Determined to create a different environment, she established To Healthy Feet Podiatry as a space where fairness, diversity, and quality care are paramount. The practice has since expanded to multiple locations throughout NYC, directly addressing the need for more accessible healthcare providers of color and fostering a supportive community for both patients and physicians alike.

Our Dedicated Team

Joining Dr. Alani in this pioneering effort are Dr. Alison Bell, Dr. Roxann Clarke, and Dr. Nancy Artis, each bringing their unique backgrounds and perspectives to the practice. Dr. Bell, inspired by the practice's commitment to minority leadership, found a sense of belonging and purpose, especially as patients specifically chose her for her identity and background. Similarly, Dr. Clarke, drawn to the mission of providing inclusive care, and Dr. Artis, seeking a supportive environment as a working mother, found their place within To Healthy Feet Podiatry.

Together, this team challenges the healthcare industry's norms, offering a model that promotes equity, empathy, and excellence in patient care. They address not just the physical ailments of their patients but also the broader societal issues that impact health, such as racial and gender disparities. Their approach to care is holistic, recognizing the importance of mental health and the role of a supportive community in healing.

The ethos of To Healthy Feet Podiatry extends beyond medical treatment. It is about creating a space where everyone, regardless of gender or background, is treated equally and with respect. This includes ensuring fair pay, fostering a safe and understanding work environment, and collectively navigating the challenges and risks of the healthcare industry.

As Dr. Alani reflects on the journey of building To Healthy Feet Podiatry, it is clear that the practice represents more than just a place of employment; it is a beacon of change, striving to ensure that no woman, patient, or physician, has to endure the inequities she once faced. In doing so, To Healthy Feet Podiatry not only reshapes the narrative of who gets to lead in healthcare but also significantly impacts the communities it serves, making it a true embodiment of inclusive healthcare excellence.

To Healthy Feet Podiatry: Providing Exceptional Foot and Ankle Care

Visit us at To Healthy Feet Podiatry, strategically located across New York City. This Forbes article written by Cheryl Robinson only scratches the surface of the comprehensive foot and ankle care available at our clinics. With locations in Grand Central, Downtown Manhattan, Upper East Side, and Times Square, To Healthy Feet Podiatry is ready to address all your foot and ankle needs. Book an appointment now to immerse yourself in a realm where impeccable style, doctor-approved, meets unparalleled comfort. Read the full Forbes article here to explore how our all-female podiatry team continues to set the standard in the medical field..

Written on behalf of To Healthy Feet Podiatry.

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