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Black History Month Feature: Dr. Roxann Clarke

This blog celebrates Dr. Roxann Clarke during Black History Month, highlighting her remarkable contributions as a co-founder of ALLY Shoes and a pioneer in podiatry. Originating from Brooklyn, NY, and fueled by her passion for podiatric medicine, Dr. Clarke has dedicated her career to improving women's lives through innovative footwear solutions and exceptional healthcare. Her journey reflects significant achievements, including the establishment of a thriving practice in Manhattan and her vital role in creating comfortable, stylish heels with ALLY Shoes. Collaborating with Samantha Dong and Sara Jaramillo, Dr. Clarke's work emphasizes the importance of support, innovation, and representation in healthcare, inspiring future generations of Black women in medicine.

As we gather to celebrate Black History Month, it is a privilege and a joy to shine a spotlight on one of the incredible individuals who is not only changing the face of podiatry but also making strides in footwear innovation. Dr. Roxann Clarke, a co-founder of ALLY Shoes, has become a beacon of inspiration through her dedication, passion, and success. On behalf of To Healthy Feet Podiatry, we are honored to reintroduce Dr. Clarke and delve into her journey, highlighting her commitment to enhancing women's lives and her remarkable achievements in the field.

The Genesis of a Passion

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Roxann Clarke charted her path in the medical field with an educational foundation from Hampton University in Virginia, where she earned her Bachelor's in Biology and a Master's in Medical Science and Research. It was during this academic pursuit that Dr. Clarke discovered her passion for podiatry—a field that uniquely intertwined her interests in sports medicine, dermatology, and surgical solutions for foot deformities.

A Journey Through Podiatry

Embarking on a career in podiatric medicine, Dr. Clarke underwent extensive training in Podiatric Medicine and Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery. Today, she leads a thriving private practice in Manhattan, specializing in addressing foot deformities. Notably, women make up 65% of her clientele, underscoring her significant impact on female patients' lives.

From Personal Challenge to Innovation

Dr. Clarke's personal experience with an Achilles tendon rupture during her first year of podiatry school profoundly influenced her understanding of the crucial role footwear plays in our lives. This experience was a pivotal moment that led her to ALLY Shoes, where she leveraged her expertise to co-create comfortable and stylish heels that address a universal problem among women.

Making Strides with ALLY Shoes

When asked about her influence on the design of ALLY Shoes, Dr. Clarke emphasized her unique approach, informed by an in-depth understanding of foot biomechanics and a personal appreciation for high heels. This knowledge base allowed her to focus on creating shoes that embody both style and comfort, challenging the notion that beauty must come with pain.

Collaborating closely with co-founders Samantha Dong and Sara Jaramillo, the trio utilized the insights from a focus group of women, known as the Ally Circle, to ensure their designs resonated with their target audience. This collaborative effort has resulted in a product line that all three founders are profoundly proud of, demonstrating the power of collective creativity and shared passion.

Growth and Recognition

Reflecting on achievements since her last feature, Dr. Clarke shared her recent partnership with To Healthy Feet Podiatry, a female-led practice. This environment has offered her unparalleled support and collaboration, contrasting significantly with the competitive dynamics she previously encountered. Dr. Clarke's experience at To Healthy Feet Podiatry exemplifies the importance of a nurturing and cooperative workplace in delivering exceptional patient care.

The Path Forward

Despite the modest representation of Black professionals in podiatry, Dr. Clarke, alongside colleagues Dr. Alison Bell and Dr. Nancy Artis, represents a small but formidable force. Her work not only contributes to the field but also paves the way for increased recognition and opportunities for Black professionals in medicine.

Dr. Clarke's advice to young Black women aspiring to careers in medicine and healthcare is a testament to her resilience and dedication. She emphasizes the importance of perseverance, the value of support networks, and the unwavering commitment to one's goals.

Not sure if your shoes are right for you? Visit us at To Healthy Feet Podiatry, strategically located across New York City. Dr. Clarke's insights in the ALLY Shoes article only scratch the surface of the comprehensive foot and ankle care available at our clinics. With locations in Grand Central, Downtown Manhattan, Upper East Side, and Times Square, To Healthy Feet Podiatry is ready to address all your foot and ankle needs. Book an appointment now to immerse yourself in a realm where impeccable style, doctor-approved, meets unparalleled comfort. Read the full ALLY Shoes article here.

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