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How To Prepare For Your Bunion Surgery

Have you tried all of the more conservative treatments for your bunion? Is your doctor recommending that you finally consider bunion surgery? Whether open or minimally invasive, bunion surgery is a fairly standard procedure and has a success rate of between 85 and 90%. But the very nature of bunion surgery means you are likely to be off your feet for about 4 weeks and you might need up to 8 weeks to fully recover. Your impaired mobility will be an inconvenience, but you can set yourself up for the most optimal recovery after bunion surgery by preparing yourself and your home ahead of time. Here are some tips to prepare for your recovery journey and to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.


Preparing For Bunion Surgery

Prepare Yourself

List All Medications: Make sure you tell your doctor about all medications (prescription and over-the-counter), vitamins, and supplements you take. Your surgeon will let you know if you need to stop taking any of them prior to bunion surgery, or if they may interact with any pain medication prescribed for post-surgery pain or infection.

Avoid Alcohol: It is best to avoid all alcoholic beverages for at least 48 hours before surgery. Alcohol can thin your blood, increasing bleeding and bruising, and can lead to a longer recovery.

Fast: Your doctor will give you exact instructions to stop eating and drinking prior to surgery. If you do not follow these orders, your surgery may need to be postponed.

Clean Up: The bath or shower you take prior to your surgery will be your last for a few days. Do not use any lotions or deodorants on your foot. Do not shave your foot or leg. After a couple of days, you will be able to shower or bathe again, but you will need to keep your foot dry.

Get Comfy: On the day of your bunion surgery, make sure you are wearing clothing that is easy to take off. You likely won’t need to remove your clothing for the procedure, but when you get home, you will probably have difficulty pulling clothing over your foot. Consider wide-legged, stretchy pants. Also, consider wearing comfortable clothing in layers; some patients are prone to chills or hot flashes after bunion surgery.

Call A Friend: You will definitely not be able to drive yourself home after bunion surgery. Make sure you have someone to take you home. Even if you plan to take a taxi or public transit, you may feel woozy and disoriented after your procedure. A friend or family member can help you get home safely. You will need help at home for the first few days after surgery too. Enlist friends or family to stay or drop by throughout the first week to support your recovery.

Prepare Your Home

Keep It Level: If your home is on more than one level, pick the one that makes the most sense. If your bedroom is upstairs, but the main level has the kitchen and bathroom, it may make more sense to camp out in the living room for a few days. Stairs will be tricky to navigate in the early days of recovery.

Set Up Your Recovery Space: Now that you have decided where you will be most comfortable recovering, set up your recovery space. The first day or three of your recovery, you may be most comfortable staying in one spot. Gather pillows to prop yourself up and to elevate your foot. Keep water, an extra blanket, your phone, wipes and tissues, the TV remote, your laptop, a book, and simple snacks like granola bars or bananas within easy reach.

Clear The Way: Even though you have set up your recovery nest, it is still important to prepare the rest of your home to be safe and easy to navigate as you heal. Make sure major pathways (to the bathroom, the kitchen, your bedroom, etc.) are clear. Remove floor rugs and electric wires that can become tripping hazards. Make sure all light fixtures have new light bulbs so you don’t risk having to navigate through your home in the dark.

Stock Your Kitchen: Not only will you be homebound for the first days of your recovery and trips to the grocery store will be out of the question, but nutrition will play an important role in your healing. Before your surgery day stock up on easy-to-prepare, nourishing foods that will support your recovery. Remember that you may require crutches or even a mobility scooter at first and maneuvering in your kitchen might be difficult, so ensure that all of your foods, dishes, and utensils are easily accessible. Also… stock your freezer with lots of ice packs; these will provide pain relief and reduce swelling as you heal.


Prepare For Optimal Recovery After Bunion Surgery

Your podiatrist performs many bunion surgeries each year. This standard procedure is safe and effective and can relieve the pain and impaired mobility associated with bunions. Bunion surgery is inconvenient, there is no way around that, but with some careful preparation, your recovery journey can be as easy and quick as possible.

If conservative bunion treatments have failed to reduce your pain and improve your mobility, it may be time to consider bunion surgery. If you are ready to consider bunion surgery and want to know if open or minimally invasive techniques are the solution to get back on your feet, contact the team of expert NYC podiatrists at To Healthy Feet today.

Our expert team of NYC foot doctors in Manhattan can expertly assess your bunion pain, your lifestyle, and your goals for treatment, and determine if conservative treatment or bunion surgery is the right option for you. We provide accurate diagnosis and comprehensive foot and ankle care and have the tools and technologies necessary to provide a variety of tailored treatment approaches including minimally invasive bunion surgery options at each of our Manhattan Podiatry Clinics. If you are experiencing pain due to bunions or any other foot or ankle condition pain, call To Healthy Feet Podiatry at 1-917-398-3668 or fill out the contact form to book your appointment at our Upper East Side, Times Square, Midtown Grand Central, or Downtown Wall Street locations today.



Q: How long will bunion surgery take?
A: Bunion surgery will typically take less than one hour and is usually performed under local anesthetic. You will be released the same day to recover in the comfort of your own home.

Q: Will bunion surgery fix my bunions permanently?
A: Bunion surgery is an effective solution for most people as it has an approximate success rate of 85-90%. However, if patients who undergo surgery to repair their bunions continue to wear narrow, high-heeled shoes, especially too soon, they may be prone to developing bunions again.

Q: How long will it take to recover after bunion surgery?
A: Recovering after bunion surgery can take up to 8 weeks. For the first few days, you will have to stay off your foot, keep your foot elevated, and ice your foot frequently to reduce swelling. You may be required to wear a cast or a brace and you will not be able to drive for up to 8 weeks after surgery.

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