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Everyone needs a little extra support in life, and the same is true for your feet - especially if you have high arches. At To Healthy Feet, our award-winning foot doctors can offer expert treatments to help ease the aches that come with high arched feet.

Your foot arches help your foot and leg absorb shock, stabilize your body when you’re standing or moving, and help you adapt to uneven surfaces. Having high arched feet means that any of these functions are compromised, which can then lead to pain and injury.

Some of the most common high arch foot problems include:

What causes high arched feet? While most people who have high arched feet are born with the condition, sometimes there can be an underlying neurological condition that can increase arch height.


Our Award-Winning NYC Foot Doctors Support You Through Your Most Active Times

At To Healthy Feet, we strive to help our patients live the healthiest and most comfortable life. If you suffer from high arched feet, our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable doctors are able to provide state of the art care for your condition so you can get back to active and happy living.

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How Do I Know If I Have High Arched Feet?

The clearest sign of high arched feet is a remarkably high arch. If the arch in your foot is visible when it’s planted on the ground, then you may have this condition.

To diagnose high arched feet, your doctor may:

  • Look into your family history, as this condition is commonly genetic.
  • Assess your foot for strength, signs of weakness, toe deformity and other symptoms
  • Order an x-ray to check for further damage that may not be visible
  • Check for signs of a neurological disorder

The good news is that high arched feet can be managed very successfully, but the earlier you seek consultation, the better. Your doctor will be able to recommend several treatment options based on your specific case and needs.



High Arched Feet Solutions: What Are Your Options?

The goal of high arched foot treatment is to provide excellent arch support for the patient and prevent any undesirable secondary symptoms, such as pain. Depending on your specific case, some of the treatment options available include:

  1. Custom Orthotic Devices: Your foot doctor may recommend that orthotic devices be placed in your shoes. This will help to spread the weight over your entire foot, making you more comfortable.
  1. Shoe Modification: Your shoes may be modified, or orthopedic shoes may be recommended. This will support your ankle and increase the surface area around the heel to help absorb weight.
  1. Bracing. This may be recommended if you are frequently off-balance. It will help add support and stability to the ankle, making walking much easier and safer.

Surgical Intervention: When Do You Need It?

If the above orthopedic devices fail to relieve your pain and increase stability, then surgery may be recommended. An orthopedic surgeon can perform a customized surgery specific to your case in order to best relieve your symptoms. In most cases, after the recovery period, your problem will be almost entirely gone.


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At To Healthy Feet, our highly qualified foot doctors offer state-of-the-art treatment for a range of foot conditions. Whatever your needs, we can help you quickly return to a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle.

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