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A life of chronic foot or ankle pain could be said to be no life at all. It impedes your mobility and can impact your enjoyment of almost everything. If you have made the decision to seek Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) to treat your foot or ankle injury, relief is just around the corner. Ensure that you experience optimal healing and relief from pain by following these pre and post-treatment recommendations.

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Platelet-rich Plasma is a quick, safe, and natural way to treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions. Make sure you get the most out of your treatment plan by following our tips to maximize your therapy.

How To Prepare

Following these guidelines leading up to your treatment will ensure that your treatment proceeds as planned and will increase your chances for an optimal outcome.

  • Three Weeks Before: Discontinue any steroid medications
  • The Week Before: Do not take any ibuprofen, aspirin, or NSAIDs. Discontinue use of any anticoagulant medications. Discontinue herbs, supplements, or vitamins associated with blood thinning. Ask your doctor if you have concerns about any specific medications or supplements you take.
  • The Day Before: Drink plenty of water, eat well, and get a good night’s rest.
  • The Day Of: Stay hydrated and eat a full, nutritious meal.

What To Expect During The Procedure

Your PRP will take place in-office and shouldn’t take longer than 90 minutes in most cases. This is what you can expect:

  • Platelet-rich Plasma: Your doctor will collect a blood sample from you and separate the components of your sample with a centrifuge. The sample of highly concentrated platelets will be re-injected into the site of the injury or pain.

There will be a slight wait after your blood draw while the sample is prepared for injection. After the treatment, you will be advised to remain still and rest for a short period. If you feel weak or lightheaded, let the doctor know and feel free to ask questions at any time.

Post Procedure Tips

There is very little downtime after your Platelet-rich Plasma; you may even be cleared to return to work the same day. But it is advised to rest and take it easy for a couple of days post-procedure. Follow these guidelines to make sure your healing progresses well and you have optimal outcomes from your procedure.

  • For at least eight hours do not touch, rub, or massage the injection site.
  • Do not bathe, shower, or swim for eight hours after treatment.
  • Do not take any medications, vitamins, or supplements unless approved by your podiatrist. This includes nutritional supplements, herbs, pain medications, and even marijuana and CBD for the week following your treatment. Your doctor may approve Tylenol as a therapy for pain.
  • Avoid applying ice or heat at the site for three days after your injection.
  • Do not apply lotions, oils, or makeup to the injection site for six hours.
  • Avoid strenuous activities and exercise for three days after.
  • Do not smoke or consume alcohol for at least three days post-procedure. Both of these can impede the healing process and smoking may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Stay hydrated and eat healthy, nourishing meals.

You may experience tenderness, swelling, and redness at the injection site after your treatment. You may even experience bruising. These symptoms could persist for 7-10 days post-procedure. Contact your doctor if your symptoms worsen or change or do not start to go away after 10 days.


Platelet-rich Plasma treatments are a safe, natural, and effective way to heal your foot and ankle pain and injury. If you have made the decision to seek these treatments, make sure you reap the full benefits of this life-changing procedure by following these recommendations. If you wish to explore Platelet-rich Plasma as a treatment option for your foot or ankle injury, connect with our  New York foot doctors in-office at our Downtown or Midtown Manhattan locations or with a virtual consultation. Contact our office or book online and see first-hand the benefits of PRP.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do I need to take time off of work? 

The actual procedure is done in-office and should take less than two hours. If you are feeling well and your job does not require strenuous activity, you can probably return to work. But we do recommend taking it easy and resting for 2-3 days after your treatment.

Are PRP Injections painful?

Generally speaking, PRP injections are not painful. But depending on the site of treatment you may experience some discomfort at the time of injection and possibly some slight tenderness after.

Does my insurance cover this procedure?

All insurance plans are different so check with your specific provider to explore your coverage but at this time most commercial insurance providers do not cover these advanced therapies.

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