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Podiatrist Recommended Shoe Brands For Men

Your foot condition pain should not prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. One way of retaining your spry step and ensuring comfort with every stride is to wear specialized shoes recommended by your podiatrist.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, bunions, or heel spurs, or if you have flat feet or abnormally high arches, you will need orthopedic shoes to support healing and rehabilitation. Your NYC podiatrists at To Healthy Feet Podiatry can help with that. Not only do we know which orthopedic shoes are best for you and your condition, we can also commission custom-made orthotics to accelerate your rehabilitation. 

Top Orthopedic Brands To Look Out For  

Contrary to popular beliefs, orthopedic shoes are far from unwieldy and unsightly. They come in a variety of fashionable styles and are just as versatile as the so-called standard shoes. Take a quick glance at the top orthopedic shoes on the market and you will find some of the most recognizable brands, including some that deal in formal attire and athletics. You may even be wearing orthopedic shoes without knowing! 

For gentlemen looking to confidently conduct business or enjoy a social function in full comfort, look no further than these brands:

Chaco: Famous for their earthy, outdoorsy designs, this domestic brand produces casual shoes and sandals approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Chaco excels in arch support and in accommodating all foot widths thanks to their signature adjustable straps.  

ABEO: ABEO specializes in biomechanical footwear that accommodate bunions, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs. This APMA-certified California company does an excellent job at creating quality orthopedic shoes that look no different than your typical sneakers and casual dress shoes. 

Samuel Hubbard: Their handcrafted leather dress and casual shoes are good for bunions, hammertoes, and heel pain. Founded in 2013, this relative newcomer, based in California, takes pride in using high-quality materials in their builds. 

Ecco: These Danish shoes are easily recognizable by their rugged and adventurous looks. Ecco products are APMA-certified and come with removable insoles, which make them perfect for custom orthotics. 

Johnston & Murphy: This Tennessee-based company has been manufacturing premium leather dress shoes for wide-footed Americans since 1850. While their offerings have considerably expanded over time, their dress shoes remain, to this day, a preferred choice for less casual footwear.

Birkenstock: A German sandals manufacturer, Birkenstock is strongly driven by comfort. Their shoes are distinguished by their contoured cork footbeds, which conform to the wearer’s footprint over time. Individuals looking for arch support and a roomy toe area in their sandals will be well-served by Birkenstock. 

Cole Haan: Founded in Chicago in 1928, Cole Haan distributes a wide variety of trainers, boots, oxfords, and more casual shoes. Those seeking superior comfort without compromising on fashion should give Cole Haan a look. 

Orthopedics have not neglected athletes either. Those looking to pursue an active lifestyle while accommodating a foot condition, are not lacking in choice:

ASICS: This Japanese brand is dedicated to crafting running shoes for people with flat feet and high arches. ASICS are a familiar sight among runners and on recommended footwear lists alike. 

Hoka One One: One of the few APMA-certified shoe companies that specialize in runners, this French manufacturer has carved a niche with its trademark oversized outsoles. The extra cushion these shoes provide is a welcome change for runners suffering from foot and heel pain. 

New Balance: Some of the running shoes produced by this highly popular brand are excellent orthotics. The NB 860 helps manage flat feet by limiting over-pronation. The NB 1080, designed with high arch runners in mind, comes with an extra-supportive toe cap and soft heel. 

Brooks: Known for their performance sneakers, this American brand has a history of making high-octane running shoes accessible to all, including those with painful foot conditions. The Addiction line is especially good for those with flat feet and ankle instabilities. The Adrenaline line is designed to minimize the risks of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. 

Step Forward With Comfort

Just because you are afflicted with a foot condition does not mean you cannot partake in your favorite daily activities. Orthopedic shoes have certainly come a long way, allowing you to retain your lifestyle without conceding any comfort or style. Whether you are about to meet an important client, complete a 100-meter dash, or just take a leisurely walk with your family, you will find an orthopedic shoe that is uniquely suited for the occasion.  


Q: What is the difference between orthopedic shoes and orthotics?
A: Orthopedic shoes are specially designed for wearers with debilitating foot conditions. Orthotics are corrective devices worn inside a shoe.

Q: Are orthopedic shoes more expensive?
A: Orthopedic shoes may be slightly more expensive than standard footwear because they combine the highest quality materials with the latest footwear technologies. 

Q: Is podiatry covered by insurance?
A: While we accept a long list of insurance providers, we will be happy to contact your insurance provider to verify your benefits prior to your appointment. 


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