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Xerosis (dryness of the skin) of the foot is a common condition, but it can lead to discomfort and a predisposition to infection. Learn all about our tailored xerosis treatments and how our NYC foot doctors can help you achieve optimal foot health in no time!

Xerosis (dryness of the skin) of your foot occurs when the outer layer of skin is deprived of moisture. This can be caused by a number of environmental factors, including low humidity, frequent bathing, and use of harsh soaps. Because the outer cells no longer form a good barrier, it results in: 

  • A rough appearance 
  • Itching and flaking
  • Increased chance of developing a bacterial or fungal infection 
  • Painful heel fissures
  • Cracks between the toes
  • Athlete’s foot 

Our NYC Podiatrists Can Help Eliminate Any Foot Discomfort Due to Xerosis 

At our midtown and downtown NYC foot clinics, our podiatrists have the knowledge and experience to provide accurate diagnosis and customized treatment plans for xerosis, as well as a range of other foot issues. 

We are happy to announce that we are now open! 

Our midtown and downtown foot clinics are now open! Please contact our podiatrists to book an in-person appointment. We are also offering telemedicine services, and our virtual medical clinic allows our team to provide you with comprehensive care right from the safety of your own home. 

Want to know more? 


What Causes Xerosis? 

If you have typically had normal skin on your feet, but you’ve been noticing them become increasingly dry, you are likely dealing with a case of xerosis. This is also better known as severe dry skin on the feet. There are several factors that can cause it, including: 

  • Bathing or showering habitually more than once a day
  • Not applying lotion to re-moisturize the area 
  • Using non-moisturizing soaps 
  • Using excessively hot water when showering or bathing 

How Can I Treat Xerosis? 

Dry skin is most often treated with quality therapeutic ointments and creams, and avoiding lotions that contain drying alcohol. You should also make sure to: 

  • Use doctor recommended foot care creams, especially at night
  • Wear specially designed socks that help with absorption
  • Wear comfortable shoes with doctor recommended insoles
  • Reduce the risk of friction within your shoes, preventing them from rubbing against the dry skin


Xerosis: When It’s Time to Visit Your NYC Podiatrist 

Xerosis can be very itchy, painful, and unsightly. Many times, it won’t respond to over the counter lotions, and it might require more involved treatment. In fact, severe and chronically dry feet could be linked to a more serious underlying condition or disease. 

An evaluation by your NYC podiatrist can help rule out these types of conditions and, if necessary, guide you towards appropriate testing and xerosis treatment. 

Your NYC Podiatrist Can Help You Avoid Serious Infection 

In some cases of xerosis, patients develop cracks or fissures in the skin, which can be extremely painful and lead to more serious issues such as bleeding and infection. If you are experiencing these, you must contact your foot doctor immediately. 

Why? In such a case, intervention is required to remove the dead, callused skin and medications may be required to prevent infection and help the skin heal. 

Remember, if you notice any drainage of pus, swelling, or redness, this can be serious and it should be treated as an emergency. 

Our Downtown and Midtown NYC Podiatrists Can Help You Achieve Optimal Foot Health 

Whether you are suffering from xerosis, or another foot condition such as bunions or plantar fasciitis, the sooner you seek advice from your foot doctor, the easier the condition will be to treat. To find out how our midtown and downtown NYC foot doctors can help you manage any foot/ankle problems from the safety of your home, contact us at 917-398-3668 or book a virtual consultation.

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