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At To Healthy Feet Podiatry, our team of NYC foot doctors know that living with Bunions is not easy! During a one on one consultation, we can identify the exact problem based on the way you walk, stand, your shoes, or where your pain is. We use X-Rays and leading-edge procedures for a targeted treatment approach that will help you stay comfortable and pain-free.


A bunion is a bony bump that forms at the base of the big toe. It is caused when a bone called the metatarsal becomes displaced and floats out of place. This causes the big toe to push into the second toe. As the bunion gets bigger, the issues with pain and function tend to increase.


Bunions can be painful and rub in certain shoes. The bump may be red and swollen when irritated, and the area may ache. This is a condition that gets worse over time and it causes the big toe to push on the lesser toes. When the condition is particularly advanced, the toes may even cross over each other, making shoes very difficult to wear comfortably.

Treatment Options

Bunions are a progressive condition, so they get worse over time. While there is no conservative treatment that can put the bone back where it belongs, there are things that can be done to slow the progression. Once the discomfort begins to disrupt your ability to go about your daily life, surgery may be needed to put the bone back in place and alleviate the pain.

Conservative care for bunions include changing to wider shoes and using padding to protect the area from rubbing. NSAID's can be used for pain and if these are ineffective, joint injections can be given to temporarily relieve the pain in the area. Physical therapy modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and massage can also help to relieve pain. If conservative modalities fail to control the pain associated with bunion deformities, bunion surgery may be necessary to restore your bone to the proper alignment. There are many different bunion procedures and your podiatrist can select the proper procedure to address your specific needs. 

Expected Outcome

Since bunions get worse over time, it is expected that we can delay the progression, but eventually surgery is needed to fix the issue. Surgery is generally well tolerated and most patients find total relief and satisfaction with the results of a bunionectomy.

Are You In Pain?

If you are suffering from bunions or any other foot or ankle condition, don't hesitate to give us a call.  Serving the Downtown and Midtown Manhattan areas of NYC, our foot doctors are ready to help. Call us at 917-398-3668, or book an appointment online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Bunions can come from many different factors. Bunions often run in families and can be caused by loose ligaments which allows your bone to float out of place over time. Additionally, shoe gear plays a role in the development of bunions as tight, pointy shoes and high heels put an unnatural biomechanical strain on the foot. Long term use of this type of footwear causes the foot to adapt and the results can be a variety of dysfunction but most notably a bunion.

Answer: Unfortunately, a laser that would be strong enough to burn through bone would also damage all the soft tissue structures that support your foot. This means that in order to reach the bone, an incision will have to be made and careful preservation of all the soft tissue structures will be undertaken during surgery. Once the bone is visible, the deformity will be corrected and held in place, usually with screws or plates.

Answer: Most people think that bunions are a growth of bone. While a very small amount of bone can grow, bunions are when the bone called the metatarsal falls out of alignment. Instead of being straight, it drifts out and causes a prominent bump on the side of your foot by your big toe.


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