3 Dangers of Leaving Plantar Fasciitis Untreated

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Do you suffer foot pain in the morning or after periods of inactivity? Here are the dangers of leaving plantar fasciitis untreated and how our midtown and downtown NYC podiatrists can get you back to optimal foot health!

Plantar fasciitis is a condition of pain and tissue damage at the attachment of the plantar fascia to the underside of the heel bone. Individuals suffering from this foot condition will commonly have foot pain in the morning, or after periods of inactivity. 

Some of the risk factors of plantar fasciitis include: 

  • Certain sports: This includes activities that place a lot of stress on the heel bone and attached tissue, such as dancing, running, and aerobic exercise. 
  • Age: Heel pain tends to be more common as you age because the muscles that support the arch of the foot become weaker, putting stress on the plantar fascia. 
  • Obesity: Being overweight and inactive can place a greater load on the plantar fascia, worsening your pain. 
  • Wearing poorly designed shoes: Wearing shoes with poor arch support or stiff soles can increase your risk of developing plantar fasciitis. 

Our NYC Podiatrists Can Provide Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis 

Are you suffering from foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis? Now you don’t have to suffer any longer! Our downtown and midtown NYC podiatrists have the extensive knowledge and experience to provide accurate diagnosis and customized treatment for plantar fasciitis, as well as a range of other foot issues, including bunions and ankle sprains

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Consequences of Leaving Plantar Fasciitis Untreated 

Did you know that 90% of plantar fasciitis cases can be successfully treated with simple and conservative treatments? However, the longer this foot condition goes unaddressed, the longer the healing process takes and the more potential complications can arise. 

Here are some of the biggest consequences that may occur from leaving this foot condition untreated: 

1. Plantar Tears

Over time, the inflammation and stress to the plantar fascia can result in small tears in the fascia. This will cause your pain levels to increase gradually and if left unaddressed, these tears might grow in size and number, making the plantar fascia more vulnerable to rupture and debilitation. 


2. Plantar Ruptures 

If you leave your foot condition unaddressed but continue to participate in activities that place a great impact on the plantar fascia, you may experience a plantar rupture. Examples of such activities include jogging, wearing ill-fitting footwear, and standing for long periods of time. 

Some of the symptoms of plantar ruptures include: 

  • A loud popping sound 
  • Intense pain 
  • Bruising and swelling in the foot 

In addition to this, putting weight on the affected foot will be very painful and if you suspect a plantar rupture, you must call your podiatrist immediately.

3. Development of Heel Spurs 

Heel spurs are the most common consequences of untreated plantar fasciitis. In an attempt to protect the arch of your foot and mitigate any damage, your body sends an army of cells to the problem site, which begins depositing calcium. 

Over time, these deposits can build up into sharp protrusions that dig into the fatty pad of the heel and cause a great deal of pain every time you take a step. 

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Our NYC Podiatrists Can Help You Say Goodbye To Foot Pain! 

Whether you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, or any other foot condition, the sooner you seek help from your podiatrist, the easier it will be to get you back to healthy living! 

To find out more about how our NYC podiatrists can help you manage any foot/ankle problems, contact us at 917-398-3668 or book a consultation online.

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