4 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Podiatrist For Your Foot and Ankle Pain

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Oftentimes when patients have pain in their feet, toes, or ankles, they often delay seeking proper treatment. Doing so can cause further damage to your body’s foundation, which is why it’s so important to always make an appointment with your NYC podiatrist.

Podiatrists, also known as foot and ankle surgeons, are medical professionals devoted to the treatment of disorders of the foot and ankle. At To Healthy Feet Podiatry, our award-winning NYC podiatrists have the experience and knowledge to diagnose, manage, and treat a number of issues, including:

Remember, even if you believe you’re experiencing a minor foot complaint, you must schedule an appointment with your podiatrist. Putting off a small issue can quickly turn into a bigger problem that will require more time, money, and attention to correct.


Our Award-Winning NYC Podiatrists Help Get You Back On Your Feet

At To Healthy Feet Podiatry, our team of highly qualified NYC podiatrists can provide accurate diagnosis and customized treatment plans for a number of foot and ankle issues. We use minimally invasive surgical techniques and the latest technology to get you back to happy, healthy, and pain-free living.

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4 Reasons to Visit Your NYC Podiatrist

Your feet are made up of a complex system of bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons, and this is the foundation that helps you stand, walk, and run, all the while supporting the rest of your body’s weight.

Despite the importance of our feet, many people who experience pain delay seeking correct treatment. Unfortunately, doing so can cause further damage to your body’s foundation. Making an appointment with your NYC podiatrist, even for a seemingly minor issue, is incredibly beneficial to your feet’s health and your overall well-being.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1. They’re Experts in The Field

Your general practitioner is definitely knowledgeable about your overall health, but a podiatrist is a foot specialist and an expert in the field. Such a professional possess in-depth knowledge regarding the mechanics of the feet and have undergone a comprehensive certification to become a podiatrist. You can trust them to eliminate any foot/ankle pain you’ve been feeling and restore function to your body.

2. Podiatrists Know the Steps Required to Help You Heal

Your podiatrist is able to determine the proper course of action to help you heal quickly. After a preliminary diagnosis, your podiatrist can order tests such as CT scans to pinpoint the exact problem. They can also:

  • Administer pain medication
  • Perform surgery if necessary
  • Direct you to a physical therapist to help strengthen your feet and ankles

By visiting a podiatrist, you can be sure that full function will be restored to your feet and ankles and you’ll be able to get back to healthy and active living.

3. They Can Recommend Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes, making a few small changes to your lifestyle can really make a big difference. Podiatrists can help you make such changes to ensure the long-term health of your feet and may provide you with nutritional advice, proper foot hygienic practices, as well as which footwear you need.

4. They Can Help You Prevent Future Injury

Prevention is key when it comes to your health, and your feet are no different. Regular visits to a podiatrist when you have injuries or certain issues can keep your feet and ankles strong. Such a professional can help identify and correct any biomechanical contributors to injury using strengthening, stretching, or custom orthotics, to keep your ankles and feet healthy.


Suffering From Foot or Ankle Pain? Our NYC Podiatrists Can Help!

If you are suffering from foot or ankle pain, our award-winning NYC podiatrists are able to provide a comprehensive diagnosis, as well as a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatment options, to help you get back on your feet quickly.

To find out more about our high quality, custom orthotics, and how our NYC foot doctors can help restore optimal function and health to your feet, contact us at 917-398-3668 or fill in our online contact form.

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